SS Edition Fender Flare Kit - Fly1 Motorsport

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Our SS Edition Fender Flare Kit for the Fiat 500 / Abarth adds a wide and aggressive stance to your ride! Whether you are looking to create a rally look with meaty tires and 16" wheels, or going for a stanced look with 17-18" wheels and stretched tires; our over-fender kit will make your vision a reality!

The fronts offer 20mm more clearance on each side while the rear flares extend the width 40mm on each side. You will need to cut the front fenders and rear quarter panels to fit wider wheels and prevent rubbing tires on the body. The flares can be bolted on, or if desired, they can customise the flares with a smooth finish (no bolt pockets) so you silicone them on for a clean, moulded look.