Prometeo Oil Pan for Abarth T-Jet or Multiair Engines

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INCREASED CAPACITY OIL PAN FOR ABARTH ENGINES Please advise when ordering which colour you want and if it is for the 1.4 T jet or Multiair engine. Prometeo is pleased to offer to its own loyal customers the increased oil pan designed for Abarth cars (500, Grande Punto, Punto Evo) but compatible with every 1.4 turbo engine car model. The oil pan allows a 2 litres (~0.53 US gal) extra capacity compared with standard one.
The product is configured as a kit including, in addition to the pan, the anti-shaking internal bulkhead, screws, accessories and an amazing anticorodal filling plug, with the indication to the service of an increased lubricant capacity. One of the main problems of a sport motor is the heat. High temperature is the cause of many damages, as mechanical parts wear, micro-seizures provoking torque loss, abnormal fuel consumption, oil performance downgrade, etc.
For these reasons, on every engine lubricant amount is set by the manufacturer very carefully. Anyway, sometimes you may feel the need to have something more, because you mainly exploit car mechanics in some fanciful situation or in some particular duty condition. In medium or high performance motors, pan capacity changes from 3.5 l (~0.92 US gal) to 10-12 l (~2.64 / 3.17 US gal) typical of supercars. In particular cases of 500 Abarth and Punto Abarth, this value is border line.
Abarth standard oil pan is conceived for stock power, so with higher power usage it could be underdimensioned. In these working conditions, a strong and sudden temperature increase would happen and oil, unable to be cooled down as in a normal duty cycle, would downgrade its characteristics very quickly.
On tuned cars, in race world, in supercars engines, oil amount is essential to solve high temperature problem. An increased capacity oil pan can dissipate an high quantity of heat and allows an efficient lubrication also in high radius turns driven at fast speed or in last time braking. 500 Abarth, GPA, Punto Evo engines suffer high temperatures; so 2 extra litres guarantee: 1) Less premature oil property downgrade, allowing an higher travel between an oil change and the following one; 2) Better oil cooling, avoiding dangerous engine overheating; 3) Higher mechanical efficiency; 4) Chance to use a slightly higher level of viscosity; so, in case of heavy duty as in race, oil can put up with thermal stresses, has a better efficiency and leaks less from seals 5) Better oil cleaning, due to higher circulating amount 6) Continuous oil draught, due to anti-shaking bulkhead 7) Maximum heat exchange with outside, due to material selection and pan shape, with very sharp fins.