CG Motorsport Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kit for Abarth 500/595/695

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SKU: 200-0239 The CG Motorsport Stage 2 Kev-Tek performance clutch kit is designed for tuned cars .

A performance kit but without all the drawbacks of a paddle racing clutch. For diesel remapped cars we recommend our Dual Friction clutch kit.

Key Features
Allows an increase in stock torque up to 30%.
Smooth engagement and an extended life with the Kev-Tek material.
A high-performance pressure plate to allow for greater clamp load
Suitable fast road use, track day and daily driving.
Will allow much more aggressive driving and gear changes.
Comes with our unique grooved and curved slotted design, allowing a vast reduction in surface heat and distributes an extra 7-8% load to the drive plate.
A 500 mile break in is required with this clutch.

If your vehicle uses a mechanical release bearing, this will be included in the kit.

Concentric Slave Cylinders are not included.

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