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SKU: 777-0239 This kit includes a paddle clutch, perfect for track days, hill climbing and all other race uses.

This is the clutch of choice for those serious racers out there, coupling the power of the heavy duty clutch cover with a CG Motorsport SMF and paddle drive plate unlocks the full potential of your transmission. This clutch kit is powerful, full bodied and not for the faint hearted or daily drivers!

Competes and often exceeds Sachs Racing Equipment (SRE), AP Racing, Helix and Exedy specs at a fraction of the Price!!!

All this and more make this the most popular CG Motorsport series yet!

Key Features
CG Motorsports Most Popular Race Clutch kit
Capable of managing a 50-60% increase in torque, making it perfect for track day vehicles.
Perfect for heavily tuned cars
Includes CG Motorsport Solid Mass Flywheel
Paddle drive plate for competitive use.
Drive plates supplied can either be sprung or rigid, please ask.
Flywheel weighted precisely to ensure decisive gear changes and increased acceleration.
Preserves low end torque and driveability.
Race feel engagement
A heavy duty performance pressure plate to allow for huge increases in power.
Will allow much more aggressive driving and gear changes.
Can handle the majority of performance enhancing remaps.
The clutch supplied maybe a 5 paddle clutch as opposed to the 6 paddle pictured. 5 paddle clutches are usually more suitable for track day orientated drivers and vehicles. We can supply most clutch assemblies in 4,5 or 6 paddle.

Where applicable we have dished the flywheel so it can take the cage of our sprung drive plate. Ensuring the dampening effect of the standard Dual Mass Flywheel can be transferred to the sprung drive plate found in CG Motorsports paddle kits.

Please Note - These kits do not include a Concentric Slave Cylinder or flywheel bolts. CG Motorsport recommends a new slave cylinder is sourced where possible and original flywheel bolts to be used with this kit.

As the 777 Series Clutch kit comes with a SMF there is a chance you may experience some harmonically transmitted noises when installing this kit. This type of noise is normal and acceptable in motorsport application but will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Most of these noises are covered up by the dual mass flywheel and are extremely difficult to hide when running a single mass. These noises do not in any way affect the performance of the flywheel.

A 500 mile break in is recommended with this clutch.

Please email for more information on the clutch formations we offer here at CG Motorsport or for more information on the 777 SERIES range.

Also please be aware that CG Motorsport uses generic imagery, so please confirm any query with us regarding its exact spec prior to purchase.

Please provide vehicle registration at checkout.


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