CAE Ultra Shifter for Abarth 500/595/695

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CAE Ultra Shifter - Optimised for motor sports with the following features:

CAE Ultra Shifter for Fiat 500 Abarth, suitable to stock cables, all gearbox types. Short and super-precise shifting travel, exclusively H-pattern and suitable for 5 Speed -gearbox.

The clutch system remains in its original form. Racing-style appearance.

Characterised by its optimal ergonomics with a focus on motor sports: perfect positioning of the shift lever close to the steering wheel.

The shift pattern is confined to approx. 65 x 65 mm. reverse gear lock like stock version Low weight and high stability: the milled and lathed parts consist of 7075 aluminium alloy; the substructures are made out of laser-cut, 3 mm thick AlMg3 aluminium.

The parts are combined in the WIG welding process and brushed blank for an optimal finish. Problem-free shifting of gears under stress or in curves.

Integrated centre position spring, ensuring perfect feedback when changing columns while shifting up and down. Right/left stops and reverse gear stop adjustable separately. Simple installation through complete conversion kit:

All systems are delivered with all small parts, fastening material and detailed installation instructions.

Shifters is intended for vehicles without interior equipment or without a centre console and make use of the mounting points of the original shift lever. If Centre console should be installed it have to be modified;

We recommend the Fiat part without parcel shelf: Fiat Art No 0 735 481 675 Optionally available in all black anodised (please ask for delivery period).

You can choose anodised aluminium gear lever knob in the following colours: titanium grey, blue, red, silver or orange; or in Plastic (POM) white or black silver or orange.

Total height: approx. 310 mm Total length: approx. 170 mm Dimensions of base plate: approx. 150 x 130 mm Shifting travel: approx. 65 mm Selector travel (transverse direction): approx. 65 mm Weight (complete): approx. 1,35 kg Offset of the gear lever knop (back / up): approx. 0 / 120 mm.

Please note this needs to be installed by a qualified technician, it is not a DIY install.

Gearshift cables are not included in the delivery. Delivery: Shifter completely assembled, screws and small parts.

Other Gear Knob Colours now available. Please check with us on stock before requesting one.