Brembo Extra High Performance Front Discs

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The addition of the holes helps in various ways. They disperse gasses created from high temperatures to reduce fading. The greater air circulation allows effective cooling of the braking surfaces. The holes also aid the cleaning of pad deposits and also help maintain braking in wet conditions by removing the build-up of water on the disc.

Special attention has been given to safety and to full compliance with the strictest resistance and durability requirements. The number, dimension, shape and position of each hole are specifically designed and tested for each individual disc of the Xtra range.

The holes on the braking surface are a guarantee of greater grip and provides a quicker and more effective response from the braking system. In fact, the surface of the holes guarantees improved performance from the initial braking bite, thanks to a higher friction coefficient.

This brake disc can be used with a standard brake pad or combined with an upgraded street brake pad.

  • Drilled Design
  • High carbon content
  • Anti corrosion coating
  • Brembo part number: 09.4939.1X