Automotive Fragrance Diffuser by Wax Melt Suite

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Automotive Fragrance Diffuser! These are another new addition to our product range.

Treat yourself or a loved one to these awesome Car Automotive Fragrance Diffusers by Wax Melt Suite.

In a variety of different smells to choose from, you wont run out of different smells to keep your car/vehicle smelling how you have always wanted.

Pleasant Fragrance while not being too instrusive depending on how much you shake the bottle as per the instructions below.

This listing is only for 1 Diffuser.

How to use?

1. Unscrew the Lid.

2. Remove the plastic cork.

3. Screw the Lid back on.

4. Give the diffuser a small shake including tipping it upside down for a few seconds to soak the wooden lid. (Be careful not to let any liquid leak out).

5. If the scent becomes weaker simply repeat the steps again.

Why Ours?


Packed in tubs, the scents themselves come in a range of colours depending on the scent.


We only use the highest grade of ingredients in all our products so you dont ever need to worry about them harming you or others around you.


Our unique smells will have your home/space smelling how you like for many hours.

Please note the product you receive may differ in looks from our photos online.