Abarth Punto Evo/Grande Punto TMC Stage 2 Complete TD04 Turbo Conversion up to 250 BHP

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The Famous TMC Motorsport Stage 2 Turbo Kit which we usually run safely around 235 BHP with accompaning Modifcations. However with some extra accompaning modifications you can see figures of up to around 260 BHP. (Hardware Dependant)

Contact us for suggestions on accompanying mods.

(Depending on Variant Chosen You Will Receive the Corresponding Parts, Contact us if your unsure which variant you need).
Our Full Kits include:

  • TD04L Professionally Balanced with Red Coloured Lightened Ergal Wheel Impeller,
  • 0.6 Bar Actuator,
  • De-Cat Downpipe,
  • (OPTIONAL) Sports Cat (Non TMC High Flow Sports CAT may limit your overall Power),
  • Bosch 390cc Injectors,
  • Bosch 3 Bar Boost & Map Sensors,
  • Flange, Nuts, Bolts Necessary For Fitting,
  • Modified Oil Spacer Nuts & Bolts,
  • Modified Oil Hose,
  • Ergal Cap for Standard Water Hose,
  • Uprated Pierberg Valve (Included only in Euro 6 Kits for Stable Boost Control),
  • Any Gaskets, Screws & Clamps Necessary for Installation will be provided.


Our latest TMC High Sports Cat has now be added as a variant option which have been tested and have made 240 BHP + which is unheard off when running a Sports Cataylst.

  • Professionally balanced Genuine Mitsibushi TD04L turbo unit
  • Red hard-anodised 7075 aluminium (Ergal) compressor impeller.
  • 860°C bearing capacity with 920°C peak.
  • 7075 aluminium (Ergal) water line blanking cap.

We would like to make it clear that our TD04 turbos are supplied and modified by Saito Italy who are the only officially authorised European Mitsubishi turbo distributor, meaning that the turbo chargers we supply are guaranteed to be genuine Mitsubishi parts.


We would like to draw people’s attention to cheap copy turbochargers, made in China, being offered by several suppliers - these are not genuine Mitsubishi turbos, they are low quality copies and are known to fail easily.


Our advice is to please check the supply chain that you buy from as cheap often means low quality, and saving some money on the purchase can cost much more in the end if you have to strip the engine down to replace the turbo. Remember, if it's too good to be true - it usually is.

Please see VARIANT Options for different kits depending on your NEEDS.
Contact us to confirm if your unsure.
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