Abarth 500 Brembo Brake Disc Set - Perforated - Front FOR NON BREMBO CALIPER MODELS

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Coated and perforated Brembo brake disc for many Abarth 500 / 595 models. The perforations cause a scraping effect that cleans the surface of the pad from any dirt and other deposits, making sure that the brake pad is always clean and able to unfold its best performance when required. In addition the holes prevent that water film building that usually impedes the braking performance of your brakes in wet conditions. Another plus feature is the cooling of the brakes when in use, the perforations cool the surface, therefore almost eliminating fade. You will notice this effect as soon as the discs are fitted and used for the first time.
This Brembo disc ECE 90-homologated, it is not necessary to carry any certificates in the car. This disc is intended to be used in conjunction with standard or "mild" sport brake pads (e.g. EBC Greenstuff). Not even the best disc is invulnerable. To run the brakes in please read the enclosed papers before setting off on your first journey with your new discs. Never park your car after a hefty drive "down the road", they will distort, always do a "cooling run" so that the discs can cool sufficiently before packing up for the night. These discs are not high carbon discs. The price is per set (2 pieces). 284 x 22 x 43.5 mm (disc diametre x disc thickness x height). Suitable for Abarth 500 / 595 models with one-piston floating caliper