Abarth 500/Bravo/Grande Punto Fast Road Camshaft Kit for T-Jet

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SKU: FF16T.ST1 In the course of more than 85 years of activity, Colombo & Bariani have always been suppliers to leading companies and brands in the area of sports and racing cars, such as Abarth, Alfa-Lancia Corse, Osca-Maserati and many others. Among other things supplying camshafts for engines used in Formula 1.

What is a performance camshaft?

The single most important part in an engine upgrade is the camshaft. It determines how much power the engine can deliver at a certain rev range.

By changing the profile of the camshafts e.g higher lift and duration the greater air/fuel mix can be sucked into the cylinders thus increasing the power.

Road profiles offer a good compromise amongst the daily requirements from an automotive engine: smooth stable idle, good torque at low rpm, low exhaust emissions and substantial max power increase.

The following are some of the parameters modified to improve the performance of a combustion engine through new profile camshafts: increased valve lift, increased inlet/exhaust valve overlap and cylinder filling duration.

An appropriate profile design having a good mixture of these parameters improves the engine performance with regard to its use.

Increased engine durability

These camshafts are more durable than standard cams. Standard are made of inexpensive iron cast without any heat treatment. Our cams are racing high quality based hard steel with special heat treatment for long lifetime.

If you modify a turbo car with standard cams - the exhaust side of the cams will increase the heat temperature due to the higher power output. This wears down your standard cams much quicker.

By fitting our cams you will increase the overall durability of your engine due the much higher quality cams.

Your benefits

• Increased engine performance
• This profile provides excellent torque and power
• increased engine durability
• High quality steel billet with heat treatment
• Made in Italy by Colombo & Bariani

Camshaft Data

This product comes with the following specifications:

Cam lift

Inlet cam lift: 8.0 mm - Exhaust cam lift 7.4 mm




14° - 54° / 52° - 12°

Valve lift Top Dead Centre (TDC)

0.4 / 0.2

All Camshafts are sold on the basis of their declared technical specifications and without regard for the performance obtainable, which may be affected, among other things, by other engine design parameters.